Teaching Channel – Text What You Learned: Use Technology to Assess


This video was about embracing technology, such as texting in the classroom. By doing this, according to the teacher Sarah Wessling, the students received affirmation in themselves by seeing their answers (anonymously) on the board. As well, in an instant the teacher is able to see where the class is at and what learning has occurred. I think that this would be really beneficial for any teacher in that it engages the students partly because it keeps it relevant to them.  Also I think that the word cloud, that shows the overall learning concepts is really neat. I think that this kind of technology would be interesting and useful for any classroom. I believe this because I think by embracing the technology such as the texting it encourages them to use the technology for beneficial reasons, and shows that technology is appropriate sometimes. As well, the Teaching Channel website has many videos, in various subjects and sections that could help in several areas and would be a good place to spend some time researching. 20130602-144147.jpg


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