Reflection Week 1: The Nerdy Teacher – Safe with Griffin 2 #EdTech

The SeeSaw iPad Case by Griffin

The SeeSaw iPad Case by Griffin

I chose this post from The Nerdy Teacher blog because within this post the SeeSaw  iPad case caught my eye. It was by far one of the oddest looking cases, and immediately reminded me of an older computer, like one before flat-screens. I really liked that he gave options of cases for everyone, but really went into a bit more detail when it came to the child-friendly case. Like he said, it would be really handy in the classroom, making it easy for students to hold, use, and travel around the classroom with, so essentially student friendly. I also thought that it was good that he actually had tested the product not only in his classroom, and for himself but with his two-year old; which shows its easy but helpful uses, which really showed me that it might be something to look at not only for myself, but possibly for my future classroom, especially if I have a one-to-one classroom/school.


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