Reflection Week 1: Upside Down Education – Going Mobile



This post from the Upside Down Education blog, was based off of a study done at the Pew Research Center, and the teacher/blogger is trying to address the issue, of whether or not there is an economic digital divide. I think that according to these statistics, there really isn’t much of a divide anymore due to cellphones. According to these stats, 95% of teens use the internet, and 75% do so by the use of cellphones. I knew that the percentage was probably relatively high, but the actual numbers were a bit more staggering than I had expected. As well, I had never really thought about where a student lived, rural, urban, or suburban effects whether or not a teen has a smart phone. That really isn’t something that I had ever thought about, but it’s because of the access to the cellphone towers and service and how readily they receive the 3g and 4g services. So with saying that, rural teens are the least likely to have a smart phone, which was a little surprising, I would have guessed urban.




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