Digital Footprints

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Though I know that it’s pretty close to impossible for there not to be another person with my name, I was still surprised to see exactly how many there were. I couldn’t even imagine how many more there would have been if I had a common last name. Honestly, I did think it was pretty cool that my Facebook and picture were both first in the lists of Danielle Epting’s, but that could also be a bad thing if I had a negative digital footprint. I believe that the best way to have a positive digital footprint would be to be careful what you post online. Everything within the Google image search that I found, that actually had to do with me, were of just me, my fiancee and I, or my family. So  I’d have to say that luckily I have a fairly positive digital footprint. Which is definitely good in today’s world because many people don’t realize not only are your friends and family looking at your Facebook, Twitter, and other such social media outlets, but now possible employers and college’s often view these to see what you’re really like as a person, rather than the overly sweet and qualified person sitting in front of them. Which is what the article, “Is Your Digital Footprint Squashing Your Reputation?” discusses in further depth, including that a study found that up to 70% of employers now, scope out their prospective employees on Google. As well, as a future educator, I don’t want my students to search me or any other educator for that matter, on Google and find provocative inappropriate photos, or photos with alcohol in my hands. I find it irresponsible and unprofessional, and people need to think more about what they’re saying before they post, because it may say it’s deleted but there is still a digital footprint left behind. And once something is on the web, it will always be on the web, just waiting for someone to find it. This point is not only important for yourself to be careful of as the article “A Great Guide on Teaching Students About Digital Footprint” discusses, because it’s important to educate others, and your students on the dangers and positive and negative sides to digital footprints. This is because if they don’t start/understand the repercussions of a negative digital footprint while they’re young it could harm them later in life.

Digital Footprint


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