Reflection Week 3: iLearn Technology – Science of Everyday Life

I was really excited to find this post because I think that this website, Science of Everyday Life is going to be a great tool to use in my classroom. It’s a Discovery Education and 3M collaboration website, that ranges from kindergarten to 12th grade, which encourages curiosity and exploration. There is also a range of topics within science that it covers, from life science, physical science, earth science and technology/innovation. Which is really exciting for me because it will fit easily within my concentrations, and will give me great resources to look at; including videos, virtual labs, and interactive programs. And as an added bonus.. LESSON IDEAS! What more could you, as a teacher, want out of an educational website?

Science of Everyday LifeWhat I also really enjoyed about the site, is its easy navigability. It’s so simple to go through the website as either a parent, teacher, or student and find exactly what you’re looking for. As well, there are really fun and engaging activities that seem to be age/grade relevant.



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