Reflection Week 3: Web based 3D/CAD for kids – NSC-Tech

This post I viewed was from a blog called NSC-Tech by Kevin Barrett, which discussed 3D modeling programs to replace the Google sketchup program when it was sold, and he disliked it’s usability. Barrett found many programs from Tinkercad to 3Dtin which were all free and he liked the programs much better. I think that programs such as these are great learning tools for students, especially for classes such as shop and math, but I think that with its usability as well as it being free, I could incorporate this into my Earth Science classroom. For example, I could easily have my students create 3D images of a fault line, and other such tectonic plates, which would help them apply this in a sort of “hands-on” experience, as well as incorporating technology.

Though I thought that these programs were really cool, I honestly think the best part of the post was when I read about the Origo, which is a 3D printer “for ten-year olds”. What basically this entails is by using a 3D modeling program, you can create something such as an airplane (like in the video) and the “printer” will create it for you. What a cool concept! Where were 3D printers when I was ten? But beside the fact of my obvious jealously for the awesome new toys/technology available for children today, this also could be really beneficial in classrooms. Especially in a class such as shop, or even maybe a physics class. The only set back is the cost. These 3D printers are often costly, though the Origo concept (a 3D printer for home) is still in it’s beginning stages, there are such “printers” already in place at some schools, but as stated before come with a hefty price. 


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