Google Docs for Lessons, Presentations, and Assesments

Elli Archer and I created a lesson plan for a high school Earth science classroom. The lesson was about wind currents, and more specifically the Coriolis Effect.

Lesson Plan – This also includes a worksheet for notes and the assessment with answers




Word cloud


I think that word clouds are pretty neat. I think that they could be a fun way to give students the vocab words from a unit that they need to know, or a good way to quickly review a topic as a class by creating a word cloud together.

Meograph: Four Dimensional Storytelling

Plate Tectonics
I overall enjoyed this program, it was easy to use and manipulate. But I didn’t like that we had to narrate it, the reason being, I wouldn’t want to narrate it for my class because otherwise I’d just end up sitting down and letting the video play, and I think that it’s important to be involved in your students learning. As well, it was extremely frustrating trying to copy the embed code! I COULD NOT get it to copy over, I ended up just dragging and dropping the code from one screen to another, that was literally the only way I could get it over and it still didn’t work. But overall, I really do enjoy how Meograph works!

Animoto: How I plan to use this tool in my classroom

Animoto Video

I was honestly unsure about the useability of the Animoto videos when I started it, but it was really simple! I think that this would be a great way new and fun way for students to create and share a presentation. I could also use this to introduce myself to my students as well because there is a text and caption option, it would be a new way to keep students interested in note-taking.